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High quality, custom manufactured    industrial instrumentation - we guarantee it!

An ISO9001 &
ISO14001 Registered Company



Shanghai QualityWell manufactures: Industrial Bimetal Dial thermometers, 6" and 9" Industrial Adjustable Angle thermometers, Remote Reading thermometers, Digital thermometers, Surface Mount thermometers, Glass thermometers, oven thermometers and more. We have Thermometers and Thermometer Accessories for all of your temperature measurement applications.

Boiler Tridicators


Shanghai QualityWell has a variety of Combination Temperature & Pressure Boiler Tridicators and Accessories for all HVAC requirements.

Pressure Gauges


Shanghai QualityWell manufactures a wide range of analogue and digital Pressure Gauges with Brass, Lead Free Brass and 316 Stainless Steel internals and several optional case materials that are suitable for a wide range of pressure measurement applications.