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DG-C Series Specifications

Round Industrial Therm.webp

Case Size:               130mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 

                                250mm Round.

Connection:           Straight (bottom) or Angle (back).

Stem Length:         2.5", 4", 6" (63mm, 100mm, 150mm)

Stem Material:       Brass, Carbon Steel (plated), 304 SS

Liquid Fill:             Organic, dyed, or Red-Reading                                            Mercury.

Connection Size:   3/8" NPT, 1/2" NPT, 3/4" NPT, 

                                3/8" BSP, 1/2" BSP, 3/4" BSP.

Ranges:                   All standard F&C ranges available in

                                single or dual scales.        

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