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Creating Your Own Brand

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Did you know that it is not only possible to have Shanghai Quality Well private label your thermometers, pressure gauges and other instrumentation, but that we can also make your custom packaging, labelling and bar codes? Well, we do, and if your current supplier is not doing this for you, it's time that you start promoting your own brand, not another company's brand!

Why would you want your own brand put on a product that you don't make? The answer to that is quite simple: you have worked hard to establish and build your company, and through your hard work you have gained loyal customers, so why would you sell a product that doesn't have your brand on it, especially when it comes to instrumentation? If you are just one of many distributors that buys and resells a product branded with another company's logo on it, what's to stop your customers from going somewhere else to buy the same product?

Having your own brand on products is not new, and the practice is quite widespread. Most major brands outsource some or all of their products, but maintain control of quality, design and function. This control allows you to ensure that your brand name is associated with the quality that your customer have come to expect while keeping your manufacturing costs down. There are thousands of companies that private label everything from consumer goods to industrial goods, it's just a matter of deciding to put your company's brand out in the market and stop selling (or at least minimize) another company's branded product.

Having your own brand on products not only builds knowledge and loyalty to your product, but can also be used to obtain specifications that call for your branded product. With engineering firms, most specifications will have approved vendors (brands) that contractors must supply in order to get the job in the first place. Imagine how this can help improve your overall sales by having your thermometers or other instrumentation specified by engineers as approved product for their project!

Shanghai Quality Well can provide your instrumentation needs with branded logos on dials, scales, packaging and more. Additionally, Shanghai Quality Well can modify existing product specifications to help your product stand out from the crowd - or we can engineer a completely new product that is unique to your company and your brand.

Whatever your industrial instrumentation needs are, Shanghai Quality Well's expert team of engineers, designers and customer service staff welcome your challenge - and we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the results.

So what are you waiting for? Start branding your industrial instrumentation today, and get your company's name and brand out in the market!

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