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Manager Tong: Mastering Product Design and Contributing to the Instrumentation Industry

Since stepping into the professional world at the age of 19, Manager Tong has tightly intertwined his career with the instrumentation industry. To this day, he continues to thrive in this field, becoming an outstanding product designer at SHQW. Manager Tong is among China's earliest experts involved in the development of bimetallic thermometers. During his eight-year tenure, he diligently worked in grassroots positions, eventually rising to the role of supervisor. This progression from a front-line worker to a management role not only allowed him to participate in every manufacturing process of bimetallic thermometers but also to master the intricate technical details of various thermometer models.
Following his time at SHQW, Manager Tong joined SHQW with Audery, where his unique understanding of instrumentation, passion for research, and accumulated technical experience earned him the role of product design engineer.
As a seasoned product designer, Manager Tong consistently demonstrates a meticulous and dedicated approach to his work. Whether managing daily production schedules or conceptualizing new designs, he continuously drives the company's growth and progress. His twenty-two years of unwavering dedication highlight the passion and perseverance that are crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises to survive and thrive in a competitive market.
With Audery establishing the R&D department in 2015 and increasing investment in new product development and production processes, Manager Tong led SHQW's transition from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). To continuously enhance product innovation, Manager Tong regularly attends key industry exhibitions, such as the China Instrument and Control Expo, Canton Fair, and Hannover Messe in Germany. These experiences allow him to absorb new design concepts and explore process improvements. When clients send design drafts, Manager Tong is typically able to transform their ideas into real products according to their requirements. His dedication and enthusiasm have enabled SHQW to secure 14 patents for thermometers and pressure gauges over the past fifteen years, introducing 1-2 new product designs each year.
In today's impatient society, Manager Tong remains unmoved by the pursuit of quick success, steadfastly adhering to his dreams and ideals, showcasing exceptional professionalism. He holds a simple yet profound wish: to use the thermometers he designs to convey the world's temperature changes, sensing the warmth and coldness of the world, and in this way, giving back to society.
Manager Tong's story is a sincere portrayal of dreams and passion. His journey proves that regardless of how times change, the pursuit of excellence and innovation remains constant.

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