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What is a Tridicator?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

If you have ever seen a boiler, chances are you have seen a tridicator, but what does it do?

A tridicator is a combination of a bimetallic dial thermometer and a mechanical pressure gauge. These instruments are almost exclusively used in boiler systems. The tridicator allows for a visual temperature and pressure check to confirm that the system is working within the optimal pressure and temperature range. Many tridicators (like the one pictured above), also include a red-set pointer that allows the end user or OEM to set the pointer at the maximum temperature range as a quick indicator to the end user to confirm that everything is okay.

Shanghai Quality Well ( has been manufacturing tridicators for decades. We offer a variety of dial sizes, shapes, temperature and pressure ranges, as well as all of the common stem lengths used in the boiler industry. With our excellent engineering and product development teams, we can also custom manufacture a tridicator that fits YOUR specific requirements. We also offer versions with Polycarbonate or glass lenses. We also offer thermo wells that operate with a spring-loaded opening so that you can install and remove a tridicator without the need to shut down and drain your boiler system.

If you need a tridicator, with or without your own custom logo and dial design, why not go straight to the manufacturer? Shanghai Quality Well has a team of skilled sales people who will help you find the perfect tridicator for your requirements, and make doing business with us a pleasant experience!

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